Meet  the  Team

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Carmela Vecchione (Social media manager )

Brazilian from são paulo, she moved to New York to pursue her studies. Graduated in public relations, she is now doing her master degree in brand management at the city college of new york. 

Self-esteem, eating disorder and body shaming were part of her life. When she understood she needed to be more loving towards herself, that was when she was able forgive, desconstruct old thoughts and beliefs and empower herself. Now each day she tries to be better and spread that self-love around.

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Elizabeth Ekpenyong (Events manager)

Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Graduated in journalism, she worked as a styling and set design freelancer for 10 years before moving to New York.
She defines herself as constant learner, taking classes at Fashion Institute of Technology, she is now developing her website BETHBEIJOS.COM , where she is planing to share her experiences with fashion, living abroad and her new found love with cooking healthy foods.

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Cristine Matos (Marketing collaborator)

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but always on the move, Cristine has been passionate about international exchange and cross-cultural communication since a young age. 

Seven years ago, she moved to the US where she was part of an exchange program a few months after graduating from Rio de Janeiro State University. Over the years living in New York, she worked for the United Nations as a Portuguese translator and tutor and believes providing women and girls with equal access to education is a valuable opportunity in enabling them to benefit from and claim their rights. She is also the founder of Dig New York, a boutique-agency that offers customized experiences with a unique and dream-oriented proposal for those who visit NYC.